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We provide personalized Business solutions to successfully grow and transform your Brand.


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Examples of solutions provided:

  • Discovering unknown problems.
  • Fostering Brand Loyalty and Authenticity.
  • Connecting and interacting Digitally.
  • Helping Executives restructure operations to maximize efficiency.
  • Building and shaping startups to maximize potential.
  • Helping Clients overcome technological challenges to increase their market share and overall value.
  • Building and shaping startups to maximize potential, pivot, and pursue new opportunities.
  • Development of additional revenue streams.
  • Redevelopment of Brand Values.
  • Crafting Human Interaction & Experience.

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Dr. Jeff Rivard, Bona Fide Global
Bona Fide 2016 CEO Jeff Rivard

Exceptional service, incredible insight. Transform your industry, lead by example, shift perspective, and generate unlimited value. Guaranteed.

Dr. Jeff Rivard – CEO, Bona Fide Global

Global Technology

Here’s What We Provide

Business Development

Business comes in all shapes and sizes: startups in basements and garages to seasoned professionals running multinational global powerhouses.

No matter the industry, success relies solely on customer interaction. It’s a simple formula: customers + sales = business. No customers + no sales = no business.


We increase Your Value, by evaluating Your process.

This generates what you need: sales, customers, and success.

We instill this through our values, working on transformative leadership, valuing the customers at every step, embracing strong and smart work ethic, generating phenomenal products, and increasing emotional intelligence.

Leadership, Executive, & Workforce Training

No matter the position inside your company, we provide valuable insight and training that transforms and transcends daily interactions.

The focus on internal improvement generates external results.

Inspire, experience, educate, and foster insight from your most valuable assets: your employees.

Technology Infrastructure

Technology is constantly evolving. We stay current, finding strategies and creating best practices to drive growth in your industry. We routinely craft, or recommend leaving existing infrastructure the way it is: efficient, effective, and doing its job out of the way.

Technology is a tool that provides powerful value to all of those that interact with it. Executed properly, it is seamlessly integrated throughout the organization.

Technology is a huge growth driver or can be a limiting obstacle. We design your infrastructure to overcome this challenge. And can test immediately through Digital Marketing.

Brand Design

From brand messaging to new product development, we work on from every perspective to be able to support and successfully grow your brand.

Create scalable market share, promote interaction, go viral. Reflect that in the services you provide. Enhance your brand.

Move new ideas from thought into action and execution. Figure out what works for your brand with analysis and feedback, Pre-test, test, post-test.


Our services are solution based, focused on your customer. This approach addresses their needs, providing authentic interaction that builds sustainability.

Together, your partnership with your customer generates an extremely valuable lifetime customer relationship.

Cultivate positive interactions, provide valuable services, and continuously generate customer supported sustainability.


Your confidential backend: data, trade secrets, products, and processes are incredibly valuable. And they are under constant attack from worldwide threats everywhere.

Any technology that’s online, server and cloud connected, provides a threat. These threats generate incredible risks every day. We provide Information Security, cybercrime prevention, and general best practices to remove threats and reduce digital fraud.

Private data is private for a reason. We help you keep your privacy. From unknown to celebrity, your needs are evaluated and addressed. Some need publicity, others don’t. Often, the larger the audience the bigger the target. Minimize it.

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